The best ways to download music

Discover the best ways to download music, look for ways to download for free and easily on multiple devices.

The best ways to download music - StreamingLister

Music is an element that helps us to be entertained, it can even be considered as the oldest tool of entertainment, it allows us at the same time to relax but it soothes our heart. Currently, many sites and streaming streaming applications to see the day and they offer you day and night thousands of free or paid songs.

In this article, we will try to show you the best ways to download your music for free and quietly on several platforms and several types of devices, this to allow you, after finishing the download to listen quietly your music even if you had not a good internet connection. Read also this article: What's the easiest for you: Streaming or Download?

Download music online

Recently, we tried to talk to you about the best free download sites for mp3 music . Jamendo Music is the download tool that will hold our attention at this level. Jamendo Music allows you to listen to and download thousands of songs for free online, you will not need to ask what you are going to listen to, the site itself offers you several pieces already from its page. welcome, so if you have no choice, you will find something present and that may be catching your eye.

How to download music with Jamendo Music

  • To begin, you must first go to the Jamendo Music website  ;
  • Then select the music you want to listen to or type the name of the music in the search bar;
  • When you have found your favorite song, play it online or download it altogether.

Remember that the site not only allows you to watch and download music online but also to share it for free.

Download music on Android

At this level, a program will grab our attention, MP3 Music Downloader is an application that allows you to download free music to your Android phone online.

How to download music on Android with MP3 Music Downloader?

  • To get started, first go to the Google Play Store to download the app;
  • Then you install it on your Android phone and you open it;
  • Enter the title of the music or the name of the artist in the search box of the application;
  • A long list of results will be displayed, try to browse it and if you want you can watch the song directly before downloading it;
  • When you have found the song you want to listen to, now press the homonymous button to record the music in the music library;
  • And now, you have already recorded your favorite music that you could now listen to any place and any time.

Download music on Mac

There are more and more audio download tools on the web, but unfortunately, programs available on Macs are still scarce. At this level, we will be interested in "Audio Hijack", this program is a marvel, it has several sources of input, including: the system, the microphone, QuickTime Player, iTunes, Safari and many others, but also , it is able to produce an AIDD file, used to burn a CD.

How to download music with Audio Hijack

  • To start you must first Download and install the application on your Mac device;
  • When you have finished installing "Audio Hijack" on your Mac device;
  • Enter the "Applications" folder and double-click on it to open it;
  • Search now for the music you want to download;
  • Then returned to Audio Hijack and select the browser you want to use as the input source;
  • In the upper left corner, click on the Hijack button, the audio window will open something: Recording;
  • Wait for the music to finish, then press the Ribbon Save button on the top ribbon to stop the download;
  • Click Record Bin on the left side menu to open the recording bottom window. You can export the audio file through iTunes or burn it to a CD or DVD and then save it to your Mac device.

Download music on iPhone

We will try to show you at this level, an excellent tool that will allow you to download music quickly and free on iPhone.

Smartphone is not just a phone, it has integrated various features, including listening to music. If we could download music directly to a smartphone, it would be convenient to enjoy it. This section will feature an excellent audio downloader for the iPhone and Android handsets, respectively.

How to download music on iPhone with Total Downloader Free?

  • To begin, you must first download the app from the App Store  ;
  • Then you install it for free on your iPhone;
  • Open the app and start already searching for the song you want to listen to in the built-in browser;
  • When you have found the music you want to download, click on the Download Button and wait for the file to be saved correctly on your iPhone device.

Our opinion on how to download music

Now downloading streaming music to different devices and systems will not be a problem for you, although there are many ways to download, but sometimes you end up getting stuck, we've offered you some ways to will help to come to an end. Read also this article: How to use the Power Point Screen Recorder - PowerPoint Screenshot . Feel free to share the article on social networks, do not forget to leave us your comment, see you soon!

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