Top 6 Best Torrent Sites To Replace Torrent 411

Discover the top 6 best torrent sites to replace torrent 411, the best sites that will help you enjoy similar services to T411.

Top 6 Best Torrent Sites To Replace Torrent 411 - StreamingLister

We were all upset by this news of the closure of T411 . While he was pursued for several months by the French authorities, following complaints from the Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers (SACEM) and several members of the Association against piracy audiovisual (ALPHA). The site was finally closed by the Swedish police at the request of the French authorities, several servers were seized and some members arrested. In the eternal game of cat and mouse, this time it was the cat who had won. Fortunately, we have a way out that we will try to offer.

In this article, we will show you 6 best free download sites that are able to replace T411 and allow you to fill the void that has been in you for a long time. You can also view: The best sites for direct download of movies and series in 2020 .

1. YggTorrent

Yggtorrent is an excellent site for free download of movies and series online. You will be surprised by its very neat interface and very good to navigate as soon as you access this site. It offers several choices of movies, music, series and many other files that you can download freely online.

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2. Cpasbien

Cpasbien is an excellent free and unlimited download site for movies, series, documentaries and many other online files. This name may not be new to some, the site is very ergonomic and has a nice design and a very enviable interface. You will find very developed and comprehensive content and you will never miss anything to download. With this site without ads or popups, you can enjoy free and freely download your favorite movies online.

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3. Torrent9

Torrent9 is an excellent site for free download of movies and series online. The site offers you a wide choice of movies, series, music and other files that you can download freely and free online. Torrent9 offers very good quality content in French and in French. By visiting this site you may find something new that will allow you to compensate for the emptiness that T411 left behind.

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4. Download Area

Zone-Download is also an excellent site for downloading movies online. This is one of the free and direct download sites for movies and series, the most loved in France. Although he is regularly at the heart of the lawsuits, thanks to regular updates, he still manages to stay alive and dethrone all his many competitors. Zone-Download is always the best reference for downloading movies.

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5. LibertyVF

LibertyVF is a better site for free download of movies and series online, you will discover a site out of the ordinary with various menus that will help you navigate faster and easier online. The site offers many movies and series in French and in French.

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6. Wawacity

Wawacity is a best free and direct download site for movies and series. Weakacity, weakened by the first closure, is back in force with a very rich catalog. Despite the presence of advertisements and popups, the site allows you to freely download a multitude of movies, series, music, ... which are updated regularly.

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We give you no certainty that you will find a site as complete as was T411. However, the sites you see on this list are not as far to complete tasks similar to T411. We hope you will also find a glimmer of hope by visiting these sites. You can also read: Top 30+ Best Free Streaming Sites: Watch Movies and TV Shows free. Feel free to leave us your comments, do not forget also to share the article on social networks, see you!

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