Download Vs Streaming: what to choose?

Are you hesitating between live streaming of your content on the Internet or downloading? Clarification in our guide

Download Vs Streaming: what to choose? - StreamingLister

We have witnessed the explosion of a multitude of streaming applications such as NetflixHuluAmazon PrimeShowBoxMobDroMolotov, ... and have changed the way we watch TV. This trend now allows us to see movies, series, music and even follow the radio directly on the web and no longer have to have a cable subscription.

It should be noted however that this way of following the streaming content will not be suitable for everyone and according to the elements that we will see in this article you will decide yourself whether to follow your streaming content or else if it will download your content . Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages, and both are suitable for different types of users. There are many variables that can affect your decision.

What is the difference between downloading and streaming?

Downloading content, rather than broadcasting it, means that the entire video will be on your hard drive before you tap Play. As a result, you will not encounter buffering.

With the download, one keeps on his computer, on his Smartphone or on his tablet the complete media files obtained on Internet, like music tracks or films. We can then watch them or listen to them offline later.

With the generalization of broadband connections, services like YouTube, Netflix and Spotify have managed to popularize the streaming of videos and music tracks.

Unlike downloading media files, you do not have to wait for the download to complete before you can watch or listen. However, when streaming media files, a small amount of data is stored temporarily on your device, as a buffer to compensate for a brief break in the Internet connection or changes in speed. Once you stop streaming, this data is deleted. Streaming is not limited by the storage capacity of your device.

Factors to consider before opting for streaming or downloading

Here are the variables you need to consider before deciding to track your streaming content or think about downloading:

Factor # 1: Bandwidth Consumption Limit (Data Limit)

If you live in an area where ISPs limit the amount of data you can consume per month, you will need to review your plan (download or streaming).

On-demand video services use about 1 GB of data per hour for standard definition video, 5 GB of data for high definition video, and more than 25 GB for 4K video. Imagine what you can consume if you have to see and review a series of 10 episodes in 4K resolution.

If you only see, streaming and downloading will consume almost the same amount of data. But if you have to review 1 or 2 episodes, know that you make the double and that you would have saved better with a download.

Factor # 2: The speed of your Internet connection

The first thing you need to consider before choosing either streaming or downloading is the speed of the Internet. If you have a low internet speed, you can never stream a video, audio, or even a podcast. The best solution in this case is to first download your content and follow it later.

Factor # 3: Buffering

If your connection is slow, the video you are watching will often have to be buffered because your computer can not download data quickly to your video provider's server; this is why your video will pause several times while waiting for the download.

And even if you can say that it's not serious enough for a movie, imagine that happening on a TV show; buffering every 30 seconds, the show can turn into a nightmare.

Factor # 4: Screen Resolution

Providers of online content have developed a smarter system so that the resolution of your screen adapts well to the quality of the connection you have and therefore to the weight of the file you are reading too. We cannot provide you with streaming HD video while you have a 64kbps connection. For example, in this case we can propose a more minimal resolution adapted to the speed of your connection.

Even with a weak connection you can download a 4K or HD movie; it may of course take more time but once you have all the content on your hard drive, you can follow it quietly.

Factor # 5: The cost of the service

You'll notice that free streaming services generally offer poor content for movies, series or even broadcasts. To access popular content you must pay a subscription to an application such as Netflix or Molotov. All these applications will charge you about $ 10 a month subscription for a basic subscription.

Imagine what you pay for renting movies and series using online services or stores (about $ 2.99 for a movie). You must calculate the viewing time you will earn with your monthly subscription. You might be able to save money by downloading content instead.

Factor # 6: Geographical Location

Geographical location is a very important factor because there are two major problems with it: the availability of the service in your area or the amount of content that this or that other service allows you to view in your area.

Availability: While some streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix are available worldwide, other services are still regional. For example Molotov is only available in metropolitan France, DROM-COM, Monaco and Andorra; BBC iPlayer is only available in the UK, Sling TV is reserved in the US and the free version of Crackle is only available in North America, South America and Oceania.

Proposed content: and even for services available worldwide, the content offered is not the same in all countries. For example if you have access to the US version of Netflix, to the French version of Netflix, to the Indian version of Netflix, ... you will notice how far the library offered in America is far superior to that offered elsewhere.

Factor # 7: Read Your Content "Offline"

The purpose of streaming is that you watch the content for which you have no copyright and you can not have it either. But if you download a video, you can watch it whenever and wherever you want without worrying about the Internet connection.

Some streaming services offer you this possibility but the time to have a title for viewing offline varies but also the restrictions imposed on you vary.

Factor # 8: Legality

If so far we have only talked about legal ways to download or stream movies and content on the Internet, many people are tempted by piracy of content. Several content piracy sites exist, several plugins and download tools also exist but do not forget one thing "  Streaming tracking or downloading copyrighted content to an illegal streaming site may be punishable by law in force in your country  "  ; do not run the risk of incurring a fair sentence for saving $ 10 a month!

Should I download or follow streaming?

We have reviewed some factors that must be considered before making your decision for streaming or downloading and hope this article will help you in your choice.

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