How to use the PowerPoint screen recorder - PowerPoint Screenshot

PowerPoint has since its version 2013, 2016 ... a tool that can capture the screen of your computer and add these captures to your slideshow

How to use the PowerPoint screen recorder - PowerPoint Screenshot - StreamingLister

Until then it was a question of putting audio, images and even videos in your slideshows for a better presentation but Microsoft thought even further: to allow you to make live illustrations; to show what is happening directly on the screen, in short to do Screencasting for a better learning. If you still do not understand the usefulness, here are concrete cases where you may need to use PowerPoint's screen capture tool.

Using PowerPoint Screen Capture Tool: Typical Cases

The goal of integrating the screen capture tool into PowerPoint was to improve your communication, to make your message even more interactive and understandable. You may need it:

  • Make your training more successful: it's good to make texts or photos to explain to people, but people understand quickly if they follow you live; hence the need to show the steps to follow. You can include a screenshot to illustrate the steps you need to take to start a particular task, where to run it, or how to do it.

  • Make class projects more appealing: There's nothing stopping you from including a screenshot in your class project; especially if you want to distinguish yourself from your classmates

  • Make a more successful demonstration of your products on slide show: Do you have an application that you want to show to your partners? You can use PowerPoint's screen capture tool for that

  • Make a professional presentation more attractive: your product has differences in size, color or any other factor that may differentiate products in the same category, PowerPoint may be your companion for this presentation.

  • Present a project with more details for better understanding: The advantage with a PowerPoint screen capture is that you can keep it as a slide show or extract the PowerPoint screenshot and save it as video on your computer if you want it. You just have to click on the media file with the right button then "Save as" to keep the video.

  • And why not teach some PowerPoint features to your friend through a screenshot in PowerPoint itself?

  • Etc.

There are many typical cases where you might have to use PowerPoint's screen capture tool to get the message that your slideshow wanted to convey live.

How to use the screenshot [PowerPoint 2013 - PowerPoint 2016]

Normally one should show how to use the screenshot in PowerPoint apart and in another part show how to use the screenshot in PowerPoint 2016; but whether you are using Power Point 2013 or 2016 the screen recording feature is very simple to use.

Step 1: Just go to the place where you want your screenshot to be included

Step 2: Select "Insert"

Step 3: Then select "Screen Recording" . A small pop-up window will appear with options for "select your screen area" , "record audio" and "capture pointer while recording ".  

Step 4: When you are ready to start, click the "Save"  button. You can pause capture if necessary and stop it by pressing any key when done.

The screen recording video will be automatically inserted at the chosen place in your slideshow with all the control buttons of a native video (play, pause, forward, backward, adjust the volume, ...).

Tips & formatting your PowerPoint screen shots

As you already know how you can include a screen recording with the native PowerPoint feature, you can go further with formatting and make your screenshots even more enjoyable.

  • Select the recording of your slide and using your context menu, you can see the different options. There are quick buttons to "add style" or even "cut off your recording" . You can also select the "Size" and "Position" items and adjust attributes such as "height" , "width" , "rotation" and scaling options. You can find these options also in the "Video Format " menu.

  • To give your recording a special look, you can add a "border" or "gradient" , each with its own set of options. You can also add a shadow , make it shine, or give it a 3D look. There are options to "recolor your recording" and "adjust the brightness and contrast" for a perfect rendering.

  • Finally, you can decide to save your screenshot as a separate video file to either add it to your Youtube channel or share it with friends and comrades.

That's all for this tutorial that shows you how to take a screenshot with PowerPoint and we believe that you will use it wisely.

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