Use Xbox Game Bar to capture your screen in Windows 10

Here's how to capture Xbox game parts and film screen from other Windows apps with Xbox Game Bar from Windows 10.

Use Xbox Game Bar to capture your screen in Windows 10 - StreamingLister

Although there are different applications that you can install on your Windows PC to film the screen of your computer and produce a video that you can use for various purposes; do you know that Windows 10 has a native feature that allows you to record a video clip on your screen for up to 2 hours?

Many will answer "No" to this question and they are not wrong; the application is hard to notice because to be honest it's a feature that is built into the Xbox app .

In this article we will show you how to film the screen of your Windows computer with the Xbox application originally intended for games.

Shoot the screen of your Windows PC with Xbox Game DVR

Designed for the purpose of shooting video game sequences, this feature called "  Game DVR  " does not only work for games; it can work in almost any application, including your Internet browsers and other Microsoft Office applications. Just activate it and use it.

Steps to activate and use Xbox Game DVR

Step 1 : If this is the first time you open the Xbox application, you must first configure it to use Game DVR. Just go to the " Start  " menu  next "  All apps  " and finally "  Xbox  ".

You can keep it simple by searching for Xbox in the search bar; just do "  Windows + Q  " then type "  Xbox  " in the bar and after the search click on the application "Xbox".

Step 2  : Now that you can easily access the Xbox app, then you have to open the "  game bar  " in the app. You can perform the same operation with the keyboard shortcut "  Windows key + G  ".

If a pop-up message ask you to enable certain permissions, including going into the settings to activate for example the microphone and others, accept all!

Step 3  : The recording step will vary a bit depending on the version of Xbox Game Bar you have on your computer but if you have "Xbox Game Bar version 3.33.100005.3", you will have roughly the Xbox logo, the time, the "Home", "Broadcast and Capture", "Volume", "Performance", "Xbox Social" and "Settings" menu.

To start your capture click "  Broadcast and Captures  " then you have the choice between "  take a screenshot  " [ Windows key + Alt + PrtScr ]; "  Save the last 30 seconds  " [ Windows key + Alt + G ]; "  Start recording  " [ Windows + Alt + R ]; "  Activate the microphone during recording  " [ Windows + Alt + M ] and "  start broadcasting  " [ Windows key + Alt + B ].

Finally, you just have to click Windows + G again and the capture will automatically save to your computer.

Step 4  : Now that you have your captures recorded on your computer, you only have to find them and you will also notice that Game DVR is very limited with regard to the editing features.

If the "  Show all captures  " feature is not directly visible in the small "Broadcast and Capture" box, you can find this feature called "  Captures  " by going to the " Home  " menu  of your Game Bar. Click the icon that looks like an Xbox controller in front of a movie strip.

Disadvantages of using Game DVR

As a screen recording application, Game DVR is quite limited. For example, you can not save your entire screen (so it is not useful for creating tutorials on the use of Xbox Game Bar for example). You can only register one window or application at a time. 

Despite its limitations, you can adjust some video recording settings in the Game Bar Settings menu and in the Xbox app. You can set the recording time in the background, set the maximum clip duration (30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours) and let the game bar remember the program as a game (feature enabled by default).

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