Screencast definition: what is the screen recording?

Screencast is about recording the actions that take place on your computer screen to produce a workable video for a variety of purposes

Screencast definition: what is the screen recording? - StreamingLister

There are several reasons why you may want to record your computer screen, for example to report a bug, show the procedure to a collaborator, etc.

Whatever the reason, you will often use screencasting applications and you will notice that there are several applications working in this area and maybe you will have a hard time choosing one for the work you do.

We have developed lists of Screencast applications for use on WindowsMacOSLinux and even for Google Chrome that you can see at the end of this page.

But what is screencasting? (Screencasting definition)

First of all, you must know that various names are made for the same and unique thing. Some call it "  screencasting  ", others talk about "  screen recording  ", others say "  filming screen actions  " and so on. but no matter what you call it, if you want to record a video of the actions that take place on the screen of your computer internally without pointing a camera from the outside, you certainly talk about the "  screencasting  " and usually we define the screencasting as a "  videography  " or video capture of the screen and refers to a video recording of a computer screen, often accompanied by audio narration.

What is screencasting?

Although the purpose and purpose of the video you will get varies depending on your use, the principle of screencasting remains the same. It consists of :

  • Capture images of the actions that are happening on your computer. You can adjust the quality of the image you want but also you can zoom in on a specific area such as the pointer of your mouse. You also have the option to use the webcam of your computer such as if you want to film the face of the narrator, etc.
  • Save the resulting video in one of the most popular video formats for direct use with your computer's or even your smartphone's player.

The best screencasting apps to use easily

Most operating systems offer native screencasting applications or options, but generally they do not perform as well as most third-party tools that provide a more satisfying screen recording experience.

Also, among the third-party recording tools, you'll notice that paid-licensing apps outperform free apps. And so if you are not satisfied with a free application, feel free to try one that will ask you to buy a product key.

Below, we have made for you a list of screencast applications to use according to your operating system Windows, MacOS or Linux.

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