Popcornflix: Free Streaming of Movies and Manga

Popcornflix, free streaming of movies and manga, enjoy this best place to relax and have an unforgettable time.

Popcornflix: Free Streaming of Movies and Manga - StreamingLister

Popcornflix is ​​an English streaming site, it offers you English movies and mangas and other subtitled movies in Spanish for free, without registration or commitment. Check out this great place for your free streaming.

Description of Popcornflix

One of the best free streaming sites in English, it offers movies and mangas without signing up or signing up. It is subdivided into 3 menus, namely: MOVIES: New arrivals, Most popular, Popcornflix originals, 31 days of horror, Staff picks, Drama, Action, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Sci-fi, Mystery, Family, Western, Date Night, Shou! TV Factory, Old School Cool, Foreign Films, Documentaries, Asian Action, Standup comedy, Espanol); TV SHOWS: (Featured shows, Family & kids tv, Drama tv, Reality tv, Action / adventure, Comedy tv, Horror tv, Nostalgia tv, All tv shows); VIRAL VIDS: (FailArmy, The Pet Collective, People Are Awesome); in this same line, you also find the search bar to help you easily find a movie by typing only its name.

Featured content on Popcornflix

Movies and mangas.

Registration is required on Popcornflix?

You do not have to sign up or sign up to watch a live movie.

Benefits of Popcornflix

  • The site does not present any advertising as is the case on most sites;
  • Most films are in English and others are subtitled in Spanish;
  • It presents you videos that are very neat and very clear;
  • It presents you with a highly developed and very neat graphical interface.

Disadvantages of Popcornflix

There is a notable absence of television series on the site and some films do not open in some countries.

Link to access Popcornflix directly

Go to site


If you have spent a lot of time looking for a better free English streaming site, Popcornflix is ​​a better place to appease your inquisitive mind, it offers you unlimited best movies and mangas for free, without registration or commitment. Do not forget to share the article, see you next time!

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