Top 30 best movies and documentaries on Native Americans

You will like to know the Amerindians and their civilization? Discover their entire history through these best films from all periods.

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The Amerindians or American Indians are often considered as the first occupants of America before the European colonization. These peoples who in 1492 already occupied the whole of America (North America, Central America, South America but also the Caribbean) were reduced to slavery and driven from their territories by European colonizers.

Movies and documentaries on the Amerindians

In this article, we have selected some best films and documentaries that tell us the history of these peoples who have occupied America since the Paleolithic and who since the 1960s have claimed their identity (political, cultural, linguistic, etc.).

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1. The Broken Arrow (1950)

A captivating film that takes us back to the 1870s in Arizona. During the Apache War against the Whites, a gold digger Tom Jeffords went to Tucson where he met Colonel Bernall. Afterwards, the colonel proposed to the gold digger, Tom Jeffords, to become his scout against the Apaches of Cochise. Tom Jeffords accepts the deal and goes to the village of Cochise where he will fall in love with an Indian girl named Sonseeahray.

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2. Sitting Bull (1954)

One of the best films that tells us about the battles between the Indians and the whites. We are in 1876. A white general named Custer, comes with his team in search of gold. This one does not like the Indians very much and does not take account of the treaty which exists, it is which will not please the Indians at all and will lead to the battle of Litte Big Horn.

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3. Taza son of Cochise (1954)

A film which immerses us in an intense dispute between two brothers. While Chief Cochise is dead, leaving two sons behind (Taza and Naiche). Who will reign in place of the chief between his two sons?

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4. Les Cheyennes (1964)

A film of revolt. In 1878, when they were deported to a sterile reserve, a group of Cheyennes refused to continue to lead this life and decided to return to the land of their ancestors in Dakota. With them, a teacher who is responsible for taking care of children. It won't be long! Behind them, Captain Archer with his troop chasing them.

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5. Little Big Man (1970)

This is another film that talks about the battle of Little Big Horn. A 121 year old man, remains the only survivor of the battle of Little Big Horn, tells his life to a journalist…

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6. Blue Soldier (1970)

A moving film, which tells the story of one of the most atrocious crimes in the history of America. It is November 24, 1864, when the weather is nice in Sand Creek, a Cheyenne village. A Colorado cavalry, made up of 900 men decides to massacre the whole population. Rape, dismemberment and eventuality are committed, before plundering all that they find on their ways…

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7. Jeremiah Johnson (1972)

A war film which tells us the story of a white man, called Jeremiah Johnson, fleeing civilization, he decides to take refuge in the mountains of Colorado. After spending some time with the Indian people, he ends up marrying Swann the daughter of an Indian chief ...

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8. A man named Horse (1976)

A film which immerses us in another history of the Indian peoples. A band of Sioux Indians capture a white man who had gone hunting, Lord John Morgan. But when it adapts to their lifestyle, it is quickly accepted by the whole Sioux tribe…

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9. Fish Hawk (1979)

A film which immerses us in a history of the Indian peoples. These peoples who often had difficult relationships with whites. This time, it is the story of an Indian man who lost his wife and children due to smallpox…

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10. Broken Rainbow (1985)

An American documentary film. He is one of the best documentaries talking about Indians and has received the Oscar for best documentary film. The film tells us how the Indians were relocated in Navajo, following a rumor reporting an important deposit of minerals in Arizon in 1964.

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11. Dance with the Wolves (1990)

We are in 1863, the lieutenant John Dunbar, to escape the horror of the war sees himself in the obligation to request his transfer in an outpost of the West. It is then that he will discover that there is a Sioux tribe that is installed not from there…

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12. The Wolf's Revenge (1991)

A lawyer of Canadian origin (Peter McGuire) decides to defend the Indians of the far Canadian North against the paper manufacturers and the logging operations…

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13. 1492 Christopher Columbus (1992)

In 1492, Christopher Columbus wanted to go and discover India via a western route. To their surprise, they will see a land not like the one imagined ...

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14. Geronimo (1993)

Despite the promise of white people to improve their living conditions, the tribe continues to suffer. Geronimo and his last 35 warriors will decide to fight in the name of freedom.

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15. Dance me outside (1994)

In Canada on an Indian reserve in northern Ontario, Silas, Frank and the whole community are preparing to avenge the death of their friend (Little Margaret) who was raped and murdered by a racist white man.

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16. 500 Nations (1995)

Directed by Jack Leustig, this eight-part documentary tells the story of the Amerindian peoples (Mayans, Cheyennes, Inuit with pierced noses) from the pre-Columbian period to the end of the 19th century.

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17. Dead Man (1996)

Bill Blake is a young accountant who sets out on his journey to the American West. A trip where he will become an outlaw ...

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18. Phoenix Arizona (Smoke Signals) (1998)

Thomas and Victor go in search of Arnold Joseph, the father of Victor who died of a heart attack in a caravan in Phoenix, Arizona…

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19. Gray Owl (1999)

This film tells us the story of Gray Owl who is a half Indian and half Scottish hunter from Canada and writes in some magazines.

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20. In the light of Reverence (2001)

A documentary in several parts, it tells us about three Indian tribes (the Hopis of Arizona, the Wintus of northern California, the Lokotas of the great plains) who fight for the protection of their lands.

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21. Windtalkers (2002)

The Americans against the Japanese during the Second World War use the language of the Navajo Indians as a method of coding ...

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22. The New World (2005)

We are in 1607, the English land on the American continent, in the heart of an Indian empire led by chief Powhatan to install (Jamestown), an economic, religious and cultural outpost.

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23. The canary effect (2006)

It's a documentary that talks about the devastating effects of American policy on the Amerindians…

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24. Frozen River (2009)

Ray's husband disappears with all the money from their economy, being alone with his two sons decides to find her husband…

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25. A good day to die (2010)

Dennis Banks, head of the AIM (American Indian Movement) will lead his people in a war with the government…

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26. Shouting Secrets (2011)

So he decides to return home to the reserve of San Carlos in Arizona. He has to face the differences with his remaining family.

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27. Road to Paloma (2014)

Wolf is a Native American who did justice after the murder and rape of his mother. He is being chased by the FBI.

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28. The seventh fire (2015)

A documentary about the Ojibwe reserve in Minnesota. A culture of gangs, prisons, violence and drug trafficking.

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29. The Revenant (2016)

Hugh Glass is a hunter who is attacked by a bear and left for dead. Thanks to the love he confesses to his wife and son, he refuses to die and undertakes a journey of 300km to track down the man who betrayed him in a hostile environment.

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30. Hostiles (2017)

Cavalry captain Joseph Blocker is forced to escort Yellow Hawk, war chief of the Cheyenne tribe to his former lands ...

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Our opinion on Native American movies

Start already to exploit these films if you want to know how these peoples with exceptional traditions and way of life lived. Do not forget to let us know your opinion in the comments area, also do not forget to share the article with your friends on social networks, see you very soon.

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