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Discover this site which offers you full documentaries and gives you the opportunity to watch them or download them for free.

Watch free and comprehensive documentaries on - StreamingLister

In this article, we will talk about , a free and complete website that broadcasts feature-length documentaries and where you'll be able to watch the trailers or download the movie directly. Description

It is often difficult today to get an accurate picture of the problem, traditional media are increasingly self-censoring and ignore many opinions and historical events, they even distort or ignore information. is unique in that they are not afraid of controversial films and broadcast thoughtful content. is completely free, it offers a directory of more than 1500 titles, divide into two parts:

  1. Categories: Fast ckecked films, Most popular documentaries, Documentary and documentary banking, Biographical documentaries, Civil documentaries, Health documentaries, Documentary documents, Social documentaries, Documentaries, Social documentaries, Documentaries, Social and documentaries , Short, TV and web documentaries, Women-centric documentaries.
  2. Topics: Afghanistan War, African American, Animal Rights, Assasination, Bush, Conspiracy, Corporatism, Drugs, Food, Genocide, Global Warming, Holocaust, Iraq war, Israel / Palestine, LGBT, Police Brutality, Prison, Slavery, Smoking, Surveillance, Vietnam war, Vote fraud adheres to all copyright laws and honors the wishes of the producers. The site was created to find a simple way to offer stimulating, informative documentaries to anyone with a broadband internet connection. Some films are widely distributed, but others are created by independent filmmakers who depend on sites like this one to disseminate their information to the public, the amount of work that all these producers devote to the making of a 90minutes movie is amazing; different films bring different reactions among different people.

recommendations is an excellent resource for you who enjoy watching documentaries; there will be aspects of the movies in which you may disagree or agree, you may cry, become inspired or angry; in any case, the movies will make you think. We strongly encourage you to visit to add something to your experience. Help us share the article with your friends on social networks.

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