How to configure Netflix on Nintendo Wii Basic U & Wii U Deluxe

You want to configure Netflix on Nintendo Wii U Basic or Nintendo Wii U Deluxe? Here is the guide to follow.

How to configure Netflix on Nintendo Wii Basic U & Wii U Deluxe - StreamingLister

You can configure Netflix to work with Wii U Basic or Wii U Deluxe and you already have a Netflix account enabled or you have a Netflix account. In this article we will show you how to configure Netflix on Wii U to enjoy streaming on your device.

Configure Netflix on Nintendo Wii U

Before you install Netflix on your Wii U Basic or Wii U Deluxe , you must have:

  • A Nintendo Network ID
  • An active internet connection and
  • The Netflix app installed on your Wii U

If you are sure you have these elements, then we can continue but we will show how to configure Netflix on the Wii U in two steps: for those who already have a Netflix account but also for those who do not have an account yet Netflix.

Install the Netflix app in Nintendo Wii U

If you've already deleted the Netflix icon, you can re-download Netflix from Nintendo eShop by following these steps:

  • Look for  Netflix  on the Nintendo eShop .
  • Select the " Netflix  " list  .
  • Select "  Download  ".
  • Select "  Next  " to continue
  • Then select "  Download  " and the download will begin automatically. 
  • Select "  Continue  " to return to the Nintendo eShop menu.
  • Press the " GamePad Wii U HOME " button   , then select "  Wii U Menu  " to return to the Wii U menu.

Set up Netfllix on Wii U for Netflix members

If you already have a Netflix account, do the following to configure Netflix on your Nintendo Wii U:

  • Tap "  Connect  " at the bottom of the Wii U Gamepad screen .
  • Use the onscreen keyboard to enter the email address and password for your Netflix account, then tap "  Next  " to complete the login process.

Set up Netflix on Nintendo Wii U without Netflix account

Even if you do not have a Netflix account yet, you can still set it up on your Nintendo Wii U by following these steps:

  • On the Wii U GamePad screen, tap "  Start your free month  ".
  • Use the onscreen keyboard to enter your name, email address, and account password for Netflix, then tap "  Continue  ."
  • Check your email address and tap "  Confirm  " to actually confirm that the email address provided is yours.
  • Enter your credit card number and payment information and press "  Continue  ". Your credit card will only be charged after the end of your free month.
  • Tap the check box to "  accept Netflix Terms of Service  ."
  • Tap "  Start Membership  " to start your free month. You can also cancel your membership if you wish.

If you have followed the instructions of this tutorial properly, we hope you have already configured Netflix in your Nintendo Wii U Gamepad and now we can only wish you good streaming.

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