The Best Ways to Convert URL to MP3

Find out the best ways you can convert your URL files to MP3 format. Don't let beautiful songs pass you by.

The Best Ways to Convert URL to MP3 - StreamingLister

Music is one of the ways to help you relaxSeveral music platforms, such as: Youtube and BeeMP3 collect millions of songs on the web, helping you to benefit from several categories of music. Unfortunately, several online music platforms, to avoid piracy, transform MP3 music into a URL file . Given the poor quality of internet connection, it becomes a problem for many consumers to use this URL format online properly. So when you want to enjoy your music offline, you have to use the URL to MP3 converters and download the files directly to your device.

In this article, we are going to show you some essential techniques to convert URL to MP3 file for free online and help you to enjoy your music offline. You can also consult: Download your Youtube videos for free from .

Convert URL to MP3 file with online converter

Today, there are several websites that can allow you to convert URL to MP3 file online for free. No matter the difference in appearance and design that these sites present, they all offer you the same means to download URL files to MP3. In this part, we have chosen as an example, because it seems to be a mixture of everything, it converts videos, music, images, etc. If you want to know other sites to convert your MP3 files for free online, read this article .

The necessary steps to convert online with

Step 1: First of all, you must first go to the site by clicking on the following link: Online-Converter  ;

Step 2: Enter a music platform, take the example of Youtube and search for your favorite music, when you have found your music, copy the address of the web page and return to;

Step 3: When you are still on, In several formats that appear: (Audio, Video, Document, Ebook,…), Click on Audio and in the list, choose Convert MP3;

Step 4: You will then be redirected to another page, in the URL area, paste the address of the web page you had copied on Youtube;

Step 5: Now proceed to the different settings or use the default settings, then choose the MP3 format;

Step 6: Then click on Convert to start the online conversion;

Step 7: When you have finished converting, you can now save your MP3 file to your computer and use it as you see fit.

Convert URL to MP3 file with VLC Player

Most media players can help you convert the URL to MP3 for free. In this part we took the example of VLC Player which is a better open source multimedia player available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Using VLC Player to transform and download music to local players would be a solution for Mac users. If you are looking to convert music on Mac OS, follow the steps below.

Steps to convert with VLC Player on Mac:

Step 1: Open Mozila Firefox or another browser of your choice, for example enter Youtube and search for your favorite music, when you have found your music, copy the address of the web page;

Step 2: Return to VLC Player and launch the program, then enter the Media menu and select Open network stream;

Step 3: Click on the Network tab in the Open Media window and paste the address in the URL box;

Step 4: Click on the Play button and VLC Player will execute the multimedia file;

Step 5: Then click on Pause and enter the Tools menu and select Codec Information, to see all the necessary information from the file;

Step 6: Hold down the Command + A keys, then press Command + C to select and copy the text in Location and close the window;

Step 7: Enter the Media menu and select Convert / Save, then paste the text you copied from Location again into the URL section;

Step 8: Click the Convert / Save button

Step 9: Enter the conversion settings, look in the Profile drop-down list and select Audio-MP3

Step 10: Click on Browse to define the location of the file that you are going to download and finally, you click on the Start button to start the download.

Our opinion on conversion techniques

Among the quick and easy ways to convert URL to MP3, online converters are the most convenient and reliable, although they have several negative aspects but they are still the preference of many people. We also recommend that you check out: Top 5 Best Wireless Headphones in 2020 , to feel comfortable listening to your songs. Do not hesitate to leave us your comments, do not forget to share the article on social networks, see you very soon!

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