The best sites to find guitar chords

Do you want to learn to play the guitar or develop your talent? Check out the sites that will help you find guitar chords.

The best sites to find guitar chords - StreamingLister

Playing the guitar is not easy learning. This plucked string instrument requires a lot of concentration and work to use it properly. You are therefore obliged to press the strings with one hand, to reproduce different notes, and in the meantime, the other hand plucks the strings either with your fingertips or with something else.

The best sites to find chords and lyrics

In this article, we have listed some best websites that will make it easy for you to find free guitar chords and lyrics of all the most popular songs to help you easily play the guitar and relax freely. You can also consult: The best ways to convert the URL to MP3 .

1. Chordify

Chordify is a better site for music apprentices. It allows you to easily learn songs even if you are not sure how it goes. Here, you won't have to wonder how it's done, since you're assisted by a YouTube video somewhere around the corner that shows you the playback of the actual recording. The other advantage with this site is that it offers you chord diagrams that update automatically when the song starts playing.

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2. Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar is a better site for musicians where you need to register before you start. If you are new to guitar, this would be a great place to start your exercises. The site offers you different versions of songs to allow you to practice. Ultimate Guitar also offers articles, interviews, reviews and many other musical news. Type the name of the artist or song you want to use and click on the Chord button in the search bar to search for some specific chords, when you are ready to play, click directly on the automatic scroll button at the bottom of the screen and off you go.

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3. Chordie

Chordie is a better music site that was designed by a community of guitarists. Although the site does not present a very powerful catalog of chords, but it still has very intuitive content. The other biggest advantage of Chordie is that you don't have to search for several versions and then come back to the right one, the site offers you only one version for each song. But also, when you open a song, all the chords you need are displayed in the upper right corner. Chordie presents a very neat interface which will allow you to make the most of all the agreements it offers.

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4. Songsterr

Songsterr is a better site that gives you access to over 500,000 songs online. Besides its many songs, Songsterr also allows you to train with several musical instruments of your choice. If you also want to find chords and lyrics, you must click on the green button "Old Songsterr", then you type the name of the article or song in the search box, when you have the results , now click on the song you want to learn.

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5. Heartwood Guitar

Heartwood Guitar is a better site that offers you a very precise and well-organized selection of guitar chords. The site does not have a very powerful library, but it still offers lyrics to popular songs that will help you play the guitar well without any problems.

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6. E-Chords

E-Chords is a better place for those who want to learn the guitar easily. The site offers you separate verses and choruses, which makes it easier to learn the structure of a song. At the bottom of each page you will also find all the deals you need. If you want you can also customize the appearance of the songs by choosing the simplified chords and changing the color of the links.

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Popular songs are among the best ways to easily learn the guitar. Fortunately, through these sites you will find thousands of popular songs accompanied by a few chords and lyrics that will allow you to learn the guitar at one go. Don't expect anything! Start already to explore these sites and take advantage of unusual content. Do not hesitate to leave us your comments, do not forget to share the article on social networks, see you very soon!

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