5+ Screenscast apps: record your Windows PC screen

Want to record the screen of your computer running Windows? Here is the list of best free apps to use for screencasting.

5+ Screenscast apps: record your Windows PC screen - StreamingLister

Screencasting is the action of filming the actions that happen directly on the screen of your computer or your laptop to produce a video usable for learning purposes or to signal a malfunction or for any other purpose that you would like to confer to the application.

Although there are several applications that can allow you to screencasting on Windows, all are unfortunately not free; some ask you to pay for a business license; why it would be better to have a small overview of free applications that may well suit your needs. We have developed some lists of Screencast applications for Windows , MacOS , Linux or Google Chrome but in this article we talk about the best applications to capture the screen of your Windows PC .

Best Windows PC Screen Capture Applications

Windows offers a variety of screencasting applications. Some of them have screencast as their only role while others offer it just as one of the different features.

Top 5+ free Screencast apps for Windows

# 1: EZVid

Ezvid may be the best free screen recording tool on any platform, Ezvid is flexible. It can capture all or part of the screen, annotate, accelerate and slow down, and even has its own video editor and its own import tool. Voice recording is also available, as well as voice synthesis, webcam recording, " Ken Burns  " slide shows,  and automatic uploading of videos to YouTube.

Using Ezvid for Windows screen recording is an excellent choice and we recommend it especially if you want to produce Youtube compatible videos.

# 2: VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor is a free video editing tool and is equipped with an excellent feature to record the screen of your computer. Once installed on your computer, you open "  VSDC Free Screen Recorder  " then configure it according to your needs.

All you have to do is click on "  Start Recording  " to start and when you want to finish, click on the combinations of the " Shift + F5  " keys  You can configure these keys if you want too.

The final video is saved in the " .AVI  " file format  that you can edit with the VSDC Video Editor application itself.

# 3: Rylstim Screen Recorder

This screen recording tool from Sketchman Studio is free and easy to use. It can display the mouse clicks you make and generate a video that you can edit later if you want. Its biggest problem is their " We're on Facebook  " ad,  but also their " nrs.exe  " executable file  that can be confusing with a Trojan that has the same name despite the fact that research has shown that two completely separate software.

Also Rylstim Screen Recorder will attempt to install "  Money Calendar 5" as an additional application; uncheck this option.

# 4: FlashBack Express

Although the full version of the app costs around $ 200, FlashBack Express is the "light" free version of FlashBack (formerly known as FlashBack BB ). After downloading, you must register to obtain a free license for the tool, but there are few usage restrictions.

The only significant difference between FlashBack Express and FlashBack is the lack of video editing functionality, which you should be able to find elsewhere.

# 5: The Windows 10 Game Bar

Until then we talked about third-party applications that you have to download to register the Windows desktop; and if you were shown how to use what you already have on your computer?

If you are using Windows 10, type the " Windows + G  " command  to open the Windows game bar that has a tool for recording your screen. You do not need to have an Xbox One to use the application, you can also press "  Windows + Q  " and type "Xbox" then select the application "  Xbox Game Bar  ".

Since the application was originally designed to record and share gameplay through the Xbox service, you can not save the actual desktop of your computer but only the applications that are running on it.

# 6: Ms PowerPoint 2016

Whether you're using Microsoft Office 365 or using the Microsoft Office 2016 suite, their embedded version of PowerPoint lets you save your desktop screen and import the recording directly into a presentation you make.

Do you know of another free screenshot application for Windows that we have forgotten?

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