Charlie Chaplin's best comedies you should never miss

Do you like watching Charlie Chaplin's comedies? Discover our selection of the best comedies that will help you relax.

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Charlie Chaplin or Charles Spencer Chaplin was one of the emblematic figures of silent cinema thanks to his character of Charlot. Born in London and died in Switzerland, Charlie Chaplin begins to perform on stage very early but his first performance as a Charlot takes place in 1914. It is this role of Charlot which will raise him to the international level and allow him to to be quickly recognized as a comedy genius.

The best comedies of Charlie Chaplin

In this article we have selected some of Charlie Chaplin's best comedies from 1914 until 1940 that will allow you to find a little smile on your face.

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1. A Busy Day (1914)

This film is full of kicks and slaps. A Busy Day brings us to a stadium where a car race is taking place. Charlie Chaplin will try to come to the rescue of a woman who sells breads that he himself will steal….

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2. His Trysting Place (1914)

Charlie Chaplin faces the life of the couple. He decides to go out a bit to get some fresh air, while walking he prefers to enter a restaurant where he will cause a fight.

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3. The dentist (1914)

Charlie Chaplin works at a dentist where he will be used to hitting patients. One day, a patient who has just received treatment from the doctor pretends to die, luckily a hammer blow will wake him up and put him back to bed again.

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4. A Film Johnnie (1914)

Charlie Chaplin goes to a movie theater, this man who always behaves very badly, falls in love with a woman and is ready to fight with anyone who will get in his way.

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5. Mabel's Married Life (1914)

This time we are witness to a Charlie Chaplin helpless on several occasions. It is first caused by a man stronger than him who comes to flirt with his friend, then in a refreshment bar it is caused again by other men making fun of his outfit ...

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6. The Champion (1915)

Charles Chaplin walks with his dog, he arrives at the door of the boxing stadium and decides to enter, he will unfortunately be selected from the four boxers who will face the great champion of the region…

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7. In His New Job (1915)

Charlie Chaplin goes to a job interview, nothing goes as planned. It is rather the fight and bad habits that will end this day full of surprises ...

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8. A Night in the Show (1915)

Charlie Chaplin is in a movie theater where he will still fight with almost everyone…

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9. Shanghaied (1915)

Charlie Chaplin reaches an agreement with a gangster to help him hit all the men he will bring in front of the boat…

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10. Behind the Screen (1916)

Charlie Chaplin works in a theater, while they are preparing the scene, he begins his nonsense ...

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11. The Pawnshop (1916)

Charlie Chaplin is this time hired to ensure the cleanliness of a store, arrived at the workplace, he immediately begins the fight with another worker to the point where he will be kicked out of work.

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12. The Fireman (1916)

Charlie Chaplin works in a fire brigade, when the alarm bell rings, everyone rushes except him. He is still in bed sleeping deeply. When waking up there is a whole series of nonsense that will follow.

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13. The Rink (1916) - color

Charlie Chaplin works as a servant in a restaurant where he will cause disorder in all directions.

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14. Police (1916) - color

Charlie Chaplin plunges us into the misery of the 1916s. He who plays the role of an ex-inmate, after his release he does not find his taste outside the prison to the point where he enters a house with his friend to steal…

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15. Barber scene (1917)

Charlie Chaplin plays the role of a hairdresser. Trying to take care of someone ends up destroying everything ...

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16. The Immigrant (1917)

Charlie Chaplin plays the role of an immigrant. While they are crossing the ocean in a boat, he becomes an expert in fishing, card games…

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17. Easy Street (1917)

Charlie Chaplin listens to a beautiful melody in a church and decides to enter it. He who always has a good will to help others, will help a mother to carry her baby, at the end of the worship, he steals the basket of the offerings which he will decide to give to the pastor…

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18. The Cure (1917)

It is in a medical establishment that Charlie Chaplin brings us this time. He who is sick must drink like everyone else a water which cures several diseases…

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19. The Adventurer (1917)

After his escape to a prison, Charlie Chaplin escapes the guards and falls in favor of a family ...

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20. The Kid (1921)

Charlie Chaplin walks in a shanty town where he will find an abandoned baby…

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21. The Lion Cage (1928)

While fleeing a horse, Charlie Chaplin takes refuge in the lion's cage where he even accidentally closed the door completely…

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22. Factory Scene (1936)

Charlie Chaplin works in a factory where he will annoy everyone again…

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23. Rahul (1936)

Charlie Chaplin has to play on stage, unfortunately, he does not master words. A nice girl helps her to write a few words on a piece of paper which she then sticks on her arm ...

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24. On Cocaine (1936)

Charlie Chaplin is in prison, during the meal, he uses cocaine which will give it another meaning…

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25. The Great Dictator (1940)

Charlie Chaplin plays the role of a dictator trying to play Hitler…

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These comedies played by this strange character, disorderly and bad manners, embodied by Charlot will allow you to refresh your memory. Nothing is holding you back, you can already start looking one after the other. Do not forget to share the article with your friends on social networks, also do not hesitate to leave us your comments, see you very soon!

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