The best free apps to watch and download movies online

Check out these free apps that allow you to watch and download free movies online. The best ones that will be of great use to you.

The best free apps to watch and download movies online - StreamingLister

Regarding streaming, there is a whole range of services that allow you to watch movies or TV shows online, directly or offline on your phone, for free or at a low price. In this article, we will offer you some free applications that will allow you to watch and download movies for free and legally.

1. Pluto TV: Download

Pluto TV is a free movie application, it has an easy to use interface and many other features. The application also allows you to see Pluto's free TV channels.

2. Terrarium TV: Download

Terrarium TV is a free app with an easy-to-use interface and fast navigation, it offers you a wide choice of content: movies and TV shows streaming and download. The application is compatible with: the TV stick Fire, iOS, PC and Kodi and provides a massive list of links, try until you find what suits.

Warning: be aware that much of the content may lead to copyright strikes.

3. Yidio: Download

Yidio is an application that makes it easy for you to find free movies but some of its free movies are not on the app itself. There are many paid movies and subscription movie apps. It has a very powerful directory since it groups the content of many other applications. By making some changes on Yidio you can find thousands of free movies.

4. Flipps HD: Download

Flipps is a free application for streaming movies, TV shows, sports programs and quality music, but its ad-free version pays off. The application has an impressive design and easy interface, it allows you to watch content on Smart TV screens (Sony TV, Apple TV, Samsung, LG, Xbox and Chromecast) without the need for cables, software or software. other additional equipment.

5. Newest Movies HD: Download

Newest Movies HD is a free application, which supports Android phones, iOS devices and Windows. It has a library filled with the latest films released, television series and cartoons. You will have the opportunity to watch the videos directly online or download them to see later.

6. MegaBox HD: Download

MegaBox HD is a free application with easy navigation and less cumbersome. It allows you to watch and download movies and series online. The app gives you two video resolutions of 360p and 720p, so you can adjust it according to your internet connection.

7. CinemaBox HD: Download

Formerly known as PlayBox HD, CinemaBox HD is a free application that lets you watch or download HD movies, TV shows, and cartoons on your iOS device, Android Phone, Apple TV, PC, Mac, and Chromecast. The only problem with this application is that it crashes or displays errors quite often, with infrequent updates.

8. Sony Crackle: Download

Sony Crackle is a free advertising-supported application but its ad-free version pays off. The app has a better collection of free movies with old classics and new blockbuster movies, it also allows you to watch all of its movies for free online.

9. SnagFilms: Download

SnagFilms is a free application that requires you to register for free before continuing. The application is categorized into sub-genres: winners, festival favorites, music, politics, classics, spirituality, sports, comedy, food and thrillers. It serves as a platform to showcase the work of talented and up-and-coming filmmakers with close to 5,000 titles: independent films and high-quality documentaries.

10. Movie HD: Download

Movie HD is a free and accessible application even without opening an account, it works on Android devices but also on Chromecast in case you want to watch videos on widescreen. The app has a very impressive library with over 50,000 titles that you can see in 360p, 720p and 1080p video quality at a very fast broadcast speed.

11. Popcornflix: Download

Popcornflix is ​​a free application for broadcasting TV shows, movies and many web series with a simple interface and easy navigation. You can watch movies and TV shows in DVD quality without much interruption, the app is categorized into: Action, Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Staff Choice, Featured Movies, Foreign Movies and Mystery. It supports Android devices, Roku, Amazon Kindle, Smart TV, iOS devices and Xbox.

12. Vudu: Download

Vudu is a free ad-supported app that requires you to sign in to watch movies. Although the app focuses on rentals, you can through its tab (free) access to its collection of free movies.

13. Viewster: Download

Viewster is a free streaming application with a simple interface, mainly known for its animated films and HD documentaries. With over 12,000 independent films and a wide range of TV shows (Peep Show, Shamelless and Inbetweeners) including even Korean and British dramas. It supports Android Phones, iOS devices, Smart TVs and Xboss Live (on Xbos 360).

14. Tubi TV: Download

Tubi TV is a free streaming application, funded by advertising. The app features biggies like Lionsgate, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Paramount Pictures and has an impressive library of over 50,000 titles. It supports Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One devices.

15. Big Star Movies: Download

Big Star Movies is a free advertising-based movie streaming application but if it's boring, you can use its Premium package for only $ 4.99 a month. The application is aimed primarily at moviegoers with a taste for independent films, foreign films, film festival winners, documentaries and short films.


The applications we have just offered are generally free and offer excellent content but due to copyright restrictions and budget constraints, they may be unable to provide you with the latest versions. However, we hope you like them, help us share the article.

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